If everyone can take a second to go back in time to when you we’re a young kid playing in the sandbox in your back yard inventing the world as you saw fit and not worrying about a thing. Nice wasn’t it! As we grow and have a better understanding of how big this world is and what’s actually going on it gets more complicated and fast paced. We often forget to slow it down once and awhile and simplify with one day bleeding into the next and a never ending list of to do’s that is almost never completed… One thing people misinterpret is the doing what you need to do to get by without doing what you love in the mix of all of that! Remember when the world was literally your oyster and in the palm of your hand because it was small, stress free, created and lived in with your imagination? Don’t forget about those fundamentals that made you never want to leave the sand box and answer your mothers call for dinner, because life is short and should be simple sometimes. Simple is a good base for all that is complicated so that your not placing to much on your shoulders and overwhelming yourself with burdens. Like a good massage or a memory of your favourite recent vacation the relaxed approach to all that you do (and the simple one) is often the most successful! Just apply all that you have learned and experienced in addition. Instead of planning the rest of your life why not set goals but go after them day by day and anticipate that obstacles will be presented in your path. That way your not setting yourself up for disappointment! Your simply leaving room for growth and mistakes you must make to look back later in content :) I have a complicated dream and though it’s not been achieved yet i know that it will come in time and not to rush it because i stop enjoying why i started pursuing it in the first place, because I loved it!!! When things become to much remember the sand box and how simple it was to be happy then because you we’re a kid, you we’re pure and not yet watered down by the complicated fast paced world… Kids make us smile because they remind us of this so don’t forget to be one from time to time… Life is short, beautiful and precious, don’t forget that… This song represents this and you can have it FREE my gift to you on the link provided in the video description!!! Please enjoy and share…

Chris-topher “the Anadote”

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