I just wanted to take a minute to let everyone know how blessed and grateful i feel because of all your support… It wasn't always that way… Life was very difficult and negative for a long period of time for me!!! It's because of the good people in my life that i found purpose, positivity and reason to continue my search… This is to all my friends and fam, the people that said one nice thing even if it was just once, those who told me to keep going, those who put up with my selfishness while i struggled to be the best i could and be a better friend and to everyone who for whatever reason stuck with what they loved even if it seemed like it could go nowhere… Some special thanks to those i can think of and this list will grow a TON… Mr. Zane Zalis at Miles Macdonell Collegiate in Winnipeg who guided me under his wing, made me realize what i wanted to say to people if they ever listened and find my reason for being… You can find a project that almost broke me into the scene we made together during my time in his music program here called wuzbins… I'd like to thank Daniel "Dagger" Kain the CEO at for teaming up with me on my upcoming release… I'd like to thank Myrna Proulx at for working with me on the website… My room mate in Nelson B.C. DJ Bryx at for his profound influence on me as a successful musician to get to where i wanted to be… The designer and artist of my cover art Andrea Dawn Bartin for her will to give without ever asking for anything in return…All the collaborators and people that worked with me in any way… My piano teacher in Nelson B.C. Karen Luniw… The people on the soundcloud community for putting up with me spamming the hell out of them to get my music out there by any means… There's just so many ya'll but none the less it's YOU GUYS that make me feel like i gotta chance in my heart to make the difference I always envisioned since a young punk with words and music… It's been a journey and there's plenty more to go… Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart!!!

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  1. Vena says:

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  2. Chong says:

    Hello there!This is my first comment here so Ijust wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading through yur posts.

    Can you recommend aany other blogs/websites/forums that go ovber the same topics?
    Thank you!

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